Equipment location

- 30 EUR30 EUR30 EURvPrices* for collocation services: 

Router/Switch collocation

Our Collocation service offers a controlled and managed space with multiple connectivity options for your routing and switching equipment in a secure and reliable facility.
Space options include shared racks, compartments in ? or ? size and full size racks. Power is provided on two power outlets at different grid (incl. battery and generator backup) and 1hr of remote hands and eyes is included in the monthly service charge.
Service level agreements assure uninterrupted performance of your network gear.
DTEL-IX Collocation at NewTelco UA
· shared racks, space available in 5U steps up to a full rack
· two power outlets at different grid, 230V AC +/- 1%, 16A
· temperature 21°C +/- 2°C
· humidity 50% +/- 10%
· Out-of-Band (OOB) access via telnet and/or modem
· 1hr remotehands and eyes included per month (hours can't be accumulated)

DTEL-IX offers collocation services on own technical premises located by address Kyiv, Haydara, 50.

Our collocation service includes:

  • Guaranteed power supply 230V+/- 1% from two independent cable entrances;
  • Guaranteed air conditioning 21°C +/- 2°C;
  • Remote access to your equipment Serial over IP;

Also you can order cross connection to any operator at Haydara, 50 via cross-connection room of NewTelco Ukraine.

Prices* for collocation services: 

collocation services 

 Installation Fee

 Monthly Fee

VAT 20% Total, VAT inclusive Price
VAT 20% Total, VAT inclusive
First 1 unit - - - 60 EUR 12 EUR 72 EUR
Each next unit - - - 45 EUR 9 EUR 54 EUR
1/2 rack (20 units) 150 EUR 30 EUR 180 EUR 700 EUR 140 EUR 840 EUR
1/1 rack (40 units) 250 EUR 50 EUR 300 EUR 1000 EUR 200 EUR 1200 EUR






* VAT excluded.

Price includes 200Wt. for 1U. In case of power overload collocation service price shall be arranged additionally.