Hack CAPEX MX – rent of virtual router

Virtual machine with 10 Gbps resource

10200 UAH

Virtual machine with 25 Gbps resource

12000 UAH

Virtual machine with 40 Gbps resource

13200 UAH

Virtual machine with 100 Gbps resource

15600 UAH
With this service, you do not have to buy a separate router; you can use a part of our powerful Juniper MX 10003 router. You will obtain access to the management of the virtual machine and can make the necessary router settings just as you would do on your own physical router.

The Hack CAPEX MX service provides the following:
  • organization of the physical connection of your switch to our aggregation switch;
  • configuration of the connection between the aggregation switch and the virtual machine;
  • allocation of a virtual machine on the Juniper MX 10003 host system and remote access to it.
To receive the service, you need to select a port on your switch installed in one of our data centers or the data centers of Newtelco Ukraine and BE MOBILE and tell us its coordinates. Cross-connection between your switch and our aggregation switch is carried out at the expense of DTEL-IX.

The Juniper MX 10003 host system is accessed through a separate aggregation switch that is not connected to the DTEL-IX peering platform. This type of architecture minimizes its possible impact on the performance of the virtual machine and the services supplied on it. But at the same time, Juniper MX 10003 is connected to a peering platform, so traffic from it can be delivered to the virtual router by a separate VLAN without additional physical connections.
The virtual router supports VPN at the second layer: virtual private LAN service (L2, L2VPN, and EVPN circuits), Layer 2.5/MPLS (LDP, RSVP, P2MP LDP and RSVP with Classes of Service/QoS), Layer 3 (unicast and multicast L3VPN from CoS / QoS), and BNG/LNS. It also supports multicast (physical interface module, Internet group management protocol, multicast listener discovery, universal multicast routing encapsulation). Therefore, it provides all the necessary router functionality without capital expenditure on your part.

If you do not have your own switchboard in Kyiv, you can use the Hack CAPEX All-in service.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

What hardware is the service built on?

A1. On Juniper MX 10003.

Q2. What is the maximum load the host system can handle?

A2. 1.2 Tbps in the current configuration and 2.4 Tbps after upgrade.

Q3. How many «neighbors» can be on one host system with me?

A3. The maximum number of virtual machines is 15. After reaching the limit, a new router will be purchased.

Q4. Who manages the guest system?

A4. The guest system is managed by the person who ordered the services. Juniper MX can provide remote Serial Console access to each virtual machine. After gaining access, you will have a real MX in your hands.

Choose the BE MOBILE data-park for colocation, and the DTEL-IX will take care of communication services and cross-connects.

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