Improve your connectivity and optimize the cost of IP-transit by connecting to DTEL-IX 

175 of Members               More than 1.2Тbps of traffic                    Over 90 thousands of prefixes

Site girl paid cutHow to connect:

  1. Choose a convenient connection address.
  2. Choose the required connection port (1G, 10G, 40G or 100G).
  3. Check out technical requirements.
  4. Get in touch with us and receive a free test period for 2 weeks.
  5. Download the contract template and check it.
  6. After the test period sign the contract and join the peering community of our Members.


Why DTEL-IX?site man paid cut

  1. DTEL-IX does not depend on any existing provider on market and develops in accordance with principals of operator's neutrality.
  2. DTEL-IX does not compete with you for your customers. Our job is to make traffic exchange effective and convenient.
  3. Peak traffic in our exchange in growing for 30% yearly and in 2019 DTEL-IX reached the level of  1.2 Tbps of traffic.
  4. 175 companies became our Members and this number is growing every month.
  5. Two independent sites duplicating each other are located in data-centers Newtelco and BE MOBILE.
  6. We provide professional help and support.
  7. Only our company is able to provide per-unit colocation on our main sites.