Partership program

DTEL-IX offers to its Members to take part in partnership program.

Partnership program means that Member is able to resell connection to DTEL-IX to its customers, i.e. to become reseller of DTEL-IX Services.

Technical part:

Operator – Member of DTEL-IX establishes connection of remote customer to its equipment (or uses existing connection), then on its network provides L2 transport channel to DTEL-IX’s equipment in Kyiv (this transport channel may be delivered into existing port as separate VLAN, or to new separate port), after that over this transport channel DTEL-IX establishes direct BGP interaction with remote customer. Using such connection scheme remote customer gets the same support as directly connected Members, i.e. DTEL-IX support service accepts and proceeds requests (TT) from remote customer the same way as from all other Members, also remote customer receives directly all notifications about planned maintenance, problems etc.

Administrative and financial part:

Operator – reseller concludes the contract with remote customer on DTEL-IXs services and totally administrates it. The Service price for remote customer reseller sets at its discretion. DTEL-IX does not regulate prices for remote connections. Also, the feature of such connection is that reseller may provide to its remote customers prices for fractional capacities (for example, 100Mbps, 550Mbp etc.), but not for full port. DTEL-IX does not regulate this matter, all depends on directs arrangements between reseller and its customer.

If reseller connects remote customer within existing port, then there will be no extra costs for reseller. If reseller connects remote customer into separate port at DTEL-IX, then such port will be charged in accordance with current tariffs for DTEL-IX services.

4 reasons to become reseller of DTEL-IX services:

1. in case when existing connection to DTEL-IX is used reselling of DTEL-IX services to remote customers allows to partially compensate operator’s own expenses for DTEL-IX port;

2. participation in partnership program allows to partially compensate operator’s own expenses for transport to Kyiv (in case of rent of transport channel, because often resellers include transport component into the service price for remote customers) or to utilize own free capacity with the income;

3. participation in partnership program expands operator’s service portfolio;

4. the ability to provide not full port but smaller capacities allows reseller to attract small regional companies that aren’t able to organize direct connection and rent full port, or don’t require big capacities.