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Crossconnects in "BE MOBILE" DC

The prices for crossconnects in "BE MOBILE" DC


Installation  Monthly fee
Price Price
Cross-connect from city cable towards the cage of the "BE MOBILE" customer 2 cross-connects are included into the colocation price
Cross-connects between cages and/or between operators in DTEL-IX Meet-me-room (MMR)  144 EUR  18 EUR



"BE MOBILE" cross-connect rules:

  • cable entrance to the MMRs or to the DTEL-IX Room is paid by a cable owner
  • unit-based colocation is provided only inside DTEL-IX MMR
  • cross-connect from customer's cable coming from the city towards the cage or the rack of the "BE MOBILE" customer is included in the contract with BE MOBILE
  • 2 cross-connect from carrier's cable coming from the city towards the cage or the rack of the "BE MOBILE" customer are included in the contract with BE MOBILE
  • cross-connect inside DTEL-IX Meet-me-rooms according to the price list given above
  • cross-connect from the equipment location in DTEL-IX MMR or from DTEL-IX equipment, in case DTEL-IX is the metro connection provider is according to the price list given above
  • all cross-connects should be approved by both parties by email
  • the ordering party should confirm by email it will sign the order form and pay a one-time fee and monthly invoices 


Operators present in "BE MOBILE":

  1. RETN
  2. Dataline
  3. Onecom
  4. Eurotel
  5. Personal Telesystems
  6. Gigatrans
  8. WNET
  9. IT Consulting
  10. Kyivstar
  11. Vodafone Ukraine
  12. Vega Telecom
  13. Ukrtelecom
  14. VOLZ
  15. KumirTelecom
  16. Kyivnet
  17. Omega Telecom
  18. Ukrcom
  19. UTG (Ukranian Telecommunication Group)
  20. Mobicom
  21. Eurotranstelecom
  22. Energytel


How to enter "BE MOBILE" with your own cable?

DTEL-IX in co-operation with "BE MOBILE" has built 2 cable ducts, which allow you to enter every entrance room of the data center and to the DTEL-IX MMR. All fiber routes around the data center and all ducts are SPOF free:

Route 1. Teligi St., Kyrylivska St., Syretska St., M. Vovchka St., datacenter entrance №3.

Route 2. Novokostrantynivska St., Lyvarska St., Kurenivskiy lane, datacenter entrance №2.

There is also an alternative route from  Sklyarenko St. along Kurenivska St. to the data center entrance №1.

Choose the BE MOBILE data-park for colocation, and the DTEL-IX will take care of communication services and cross-connects.

Contact us

DTEL-IX contacts:


+38 044 300 2233


BE MOBILE contacts:

Ukraine, Kyiv, Kurenivska street, 21-A


+38 044 494 35 05


Web site: