Crossconnects in "BE MOBILE" DC

The prices for crossconnects in "BE MOBILE" DC


Installation  Monthly fee
Price Price
Crossconnect from city cable towards the cage of the "BE MOBILE" customer - -
Crossconnects between cages and/or between operators in DTEL-IX Meet-me-room (MMR)  144 EUR  18 EUR



"BE MOBILE" crossconnect rules:

  • cable entrance to the entrance rooms or to the DTEL-IX MMR is free
  • unit based colocation is provided only inside DTEL-IX MMR
  • crossconnect from cable coming from the city towards cage or rack of the "BE MOBILE" customer is free
  • crossconnect inside DTEL-IX Meet-me-room according to the price list given above
  • crossconnect from the equipment location in DTEL-IX MMR or from DTEL-IX equipment, in case DTEL-IX is the metro connection provider is according to the price list given above
  • all crossconnects should be approved by both parties by email
  • the ordering party should confirm by email it will sign the order form and pay a one-time fee and monthly invoices 

Operators present in "BE MOBILE":

  • Gigatrans
  • WNET
  • IT Consulting
  • Kyivstar
  • Vodafone Ukraine
  • Vega Telecom
  • Ukrtelecom
  • VOLZ
  • KumirTelecom


How to enter "BE MOBILE" with own cable?

DTEL-IX in co-operation with "BE MOBILE" have built 2 cable ducts, which allow you to enter every entrance room of the data center and to the DTEL-IX MMR. All fiber routes around the data center and all ducts are SPOF free:

Route 1. Teligi St., Kyrylivska St., Syretska St., M. Vovchka St., datacenter entrance №3.

Route 2. Novokostrantynivska St., Lyvarska St., Kurenivskiy lane, datacenter entrance №2.

There is also an alternative route from  Sklyarenko St. along Kurenivska St. to the data center entrance №1.