Hack CAPEX All-in

Hack CAPEX All-in – rent of DTEL-IX network infrastructure

Port on aggregation switch + virtual machine with
10 Gbps resource

10200 UAH

Port on aggregation switch + virtual machine with
20 Gbps resource

12000 UAH

Port on aggregation switch + virtual machine with
40 Gbps resource

13200 UAH

Port on aggregation switch + virtual machine with
100 Gbps resource

15600 UAH
This service is intended for those who do not have network equipment (switch and router) in Kyiv, but have business tasks that need it.

The Hack CAPEX All-in service provides the following:

  • rent of one port on our aggregation switch;
  • cross-connection between a dedicated port and your transport provider's equipment;
  • configuring the connection between the aggregation switch and the virtual machine;
  • allocation of a virtual machine on the Juniper MX 10003 host system and providing remote access to it.

To connect upstreams or additional transport channels, the rental of its additional ports on our aggregation switch is possible. The customer pays for the cross-connection to such ports additionally according to the tariffs of the cross-connection operator in the corresponding data center.

Costs of additional ports

10 Gbps

300 UAH

40 Gbps

2500 UAH

100 Gbps

4200 UAH
With the Hack CAPEX All-in service, you avoid significant expenses for the purchase of physical equipment, modules into it, and the need to organize physical cross-connection and rent a place at the data center for your own equipment. You get a functional and effective technical solution for your needs.

To use this service, you provide us with a port position on the equipment of your transport operator, and we order the cross-connection between it and our aggregation switch. Then our engineers configure the connection between the dedicated port on the aggregation switch and the virtual router, and you get remote access to the virtual machine and the ability to apply the necessary routing settings.

The Juniper MX 10003 host system is accessed through a separate aggregation switch that is not connected to the DTEL-IX peering platform. This type of architecture minimizes its possible impact on the performance of the virtual machine and the services supplied on it. But at the same time, Juniper MX 10003 is connected to a peering platform, so traffic from it can be delivered to the virtual router by a separate VLAN without additional physical connections.

It is also possible to receive traffic from your IP transit provider if he is a member of the Internet exchange point. That is, we can configure a separate VLAN between your virtual router and your upstream to provide IP transit through the peering platform.

If several ports on our aggregation switch are not enough for your business case, then you can use our Hack CAPEX Switch physical switch rental service.

Choose the BE MOBILE data-park for colocation, and the DTEL-IX will take care of communication services and cross-connects.

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