Support service (NOC)

In frames of colocation Service, DTEL-IX provides the "Remote Assistant" Service.

The list of works included in the price of colocation at DTEL-IX premises in Newtelco Ukraine and BE MOBILE DC's:

  • установка installation of Member's equipment into a rack in technical premises of DTEL-IX;
  • setup of basic configuration and providing remote access to the equipment;
  • creating of bootable flash-drive;
  • connection of new Member's equipment with its equipment installed earlier within one rack in accordance with the technical task;
  • basic diagnostics of equipment in accordance with Member's request;
  • providing remote access to network equipment.


Additional services provided on a paid hourly basis at BE MOBILE DC outside DTEL-IX premises (module):

  • fiber measurement at BE MOBILE DC;
  • Member's ODF inventory at BE MOBILE DC, update of the cross-connects list and providing it on-line in Personal Cabinet;
  • works with Member's passive infrastructure at BE MOBILE DC (cleaning and change of patch cords, pulling within a rack after the owner's permission, stacking patches, installation of organizers);
  • pre-cabling mounting to cross-rooms (ODFs in modules, cables, ODFs in cross-rooms);
  • switching links, installation / de-installation of transceivers;
  • switching power cables of network and server equipment;
  • receiving from the carrier, sending back of equipment by a chosen carrier;  
  • primary diagnostics of network or server equipment;
  • reboot of equipment in the rack;
  • rack mounting, installation of equipment into a rack.

Cost of the first full or incomplete hour of work – 500UAH excl.VAT.

Works in non-business hours  — 1000UAH excl.НДС per hour

Minimum tariffication interval — 15 minutes

Materials shall be provided by Customer (materials provided by DTEL-IX shall be invoices additionally).

If the Remote Assistant Service has been ordered by the company, which is not DTEL-IX member, then will be applied monthly fee in the amount of 4000UAH excl.VAT. This monthly fee includes 5 hours of maintenance each month. Unused hours will not be transferred to another month.