Route Server

Based on the traffic exchange system DTEL-IX was launched Route Server (RS) service. This service is provided under separate order as a part of connection to DTEL-IX Services and it’s free of charge. The key benefit of using RS is reducing the quantity of “two-point interconnects” and migration to route information exchange via a single point. In this case, data traffic is transferred between networks connected to DTEL-IX directly, bypassing RS. RS is duplicated for reliable and stable functioning.
RS  is located at technical premises Simi Prakhovykh St., 50.

Route Servers' Addresses:

  • RS0:, 2001:7F8:63::FF/64;
  • RS1:, 2001:7F8:63::FFFF/64


ASN: AS31210


Detailed information about DTEL-IX members who have route information exchange with RS you can get in RIPE database by requesting description AS 31210 (RS):

whois -h as31210

Any DTEL-IX member may send a request to e-mail noc(a) and properly set up its router. After that route information exchange with RS will be provided.
It means that ISP announces on RS its routing tables (without full view) and accepts from RS routing table located on it.
In this case RS:

  • does NOT announce default route, private networks, private AS;
  • announces to its customers full route table located on it and allows using certain BGP attributes* for management (making filters) flexibility;
  • After accepting of announcments from a particular member, RS adds to it the coordinates (next-hop) of origin router and in such form announces it to other members. So through RS pass route announces only, traffic goes directly. While making an announcement acceptance filters should be done interview of WHOIS.RIPE.NET database and filtering of announces accepted by RS.

Main principles of filtering are:

  • Announces of private networks are not accepted;
  • Announces of private AS are not accepted;
  • Announces of default routes are not accepted;
  • From AS XXX  shall be accepted announce of networks for which the value of origin field is within the range of accepted AS;
  • From AS XXX shall be accepted announcement of AS that is announced to AS31210 in the description of AS XXX.

Filters are updated instantly and automatically. The bigger is the object, the more often it is updated. All objects are updated every 48 hours. 

*Using or attribute community:

1. Block of route announce to specific peer                  0:"peer-as"
2. route announce to specific peer                              31210:"peer-as"
3. Block of route announce to all peers                            0:31210
4. route announce to all peer                                         31210:31210 (или отсутствие**)
a community that begins not with 31210: or 0: will be ignored by RS
**  announces without community statement will be delivered to all members.


Extended and large BGP communities 

DTEL-IX Route Server supports extended RFC4360 and large RFC8092 BGP communities. RFC1997 community attributes are applicable only to selective announces towards 16-bit ASNs. For announcements towards 32-bit ASNs please use Extended or Large community attributes.

RFC1997 communities 'no-export' and 'no-advertise' are also supported. Other RFC1997
well-known communities are not supported and stripped.

RFC1997 communities 'no-export' and 'no-advertise' are also supported. Other RFC1997
well-known communities are not supported and stripped.


Add prepends towards chosen ASN using large BGP communities

You can prepend your own AS number using BGP Large Community Attribute (RFC8092). As a result, you will increase your AS-PATH towards chosen AS without increasing the AS-PATH to the rest of ASNs.

31210:6500X:Y Prepend your own AS X times when announcing a route to AS Y 
31210:6500X:31210 Prepend your own AS X times when announcing a route to all peers 

Attention: 1 <= X <= 3 

Communities sent to customers

All IPv4 routes on all route servers are marked with communities showing the geographical origin of the AS. In general, the community looks like 6500M:10CCC, where M is a continent code and CCC is a three-digit country code as defined in ISO3166. The information about the origin of each AS has been taken from the Maxmind GeoIP Database.

For example, the BGP community for AS15169: 65007:10840 of the route means this community belongs to a member from North America (7) and the country is the USA (840).

A most up-to-date description of all valid communities processed by the DTEL-IX route server including communities accepted from customers and sent to customers can be found on the page of our AS on RIPE NCC website.