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Rent Dark Fiber

Rent of fiber-optics

DTEL-IX offers the service of renting fiber-optic communication lines between facilities with the highest concentration of inter-operator interconnections. Using the DTEL-IX cable infrastructure allows the operator to quickly and reliably organize connections between their equipment in different data centers. In addition, the operator gets the opportunity to build "long cross-connects" from a PoP located in one data center to the equipment of another operator located in another data center without the need to install active equipment in it.

FOCL DTEL-IX forms the “Big Triangle” between the main points of construction of interconnects in the city. Every two vertices of this triangle are connected by at least two fully separated routes, as seen on the map.
DTEL-IX brings together the three most popular points for the organization of inter-operator connections:

Metro meet-me-room «L7». «L7» is a unique cross-connection room located in the central part of Kyiv near the intersection of a large number of cable routes. The purpose of this facility is the placement of passive optical infrastructure and the organization of interconnections between the networks of different operators and between network segments of one operator.

BE MOBILE. BE MOBILE is a professional data center in which DTEL-IX has its own module. The platform is built on TIER3 standard and is designed to accommodate both corporate clients of server hardware and network equipment operators. The 

DTEL-IX company is an exclusive provider of per-unit colocation services of telecom operators' equipment in the BE MOBILE data center. In addition, the company is also a cross-connect operator for this data center.

DTEL-IX Datacenter. The DTEL-IX Datacenter is DTEL-IX's own facility, located in the heart of the Ukrainian telecommunications industry at the address Kyiv, Simii Prakhovykh St. (formerly Haidara St.), 50, and designated exclusively for per-unit colocation of the network equipment of the Internet Exchange Point Members.

Fiber Optic Map

Operators using the DTEL-IX cable infrastructure are able to build redundant connections to the DTEL-IX and for the other services passing through the operator's equipment installed at any of the above three points.

Choose the BE MOBILE data-park for colocation, and the DTEL-IX will take care of communication services and cross-connects.

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