Equipment colocation. Rules.

Regulations for equipment colocation at DTEL-IX premises

  1. DTEL-IX premises are available for colocation of IX Member's equipment only;
  2. The equipment which is planned to be installed may be either delivered to DTEL-IX by the Member itself or by any carrier at the Member's cost. If the carrier services were not paid by the Member, DTEL-IX's employee will not accept the equipment from the carrier.
  3. All equipment before its installation shall be inspected by DTEL-IX's employee. After such inspection, he decides if it is possible to install this equipment in an available complete set. In case if equipment installation is impossible, the owner of the equipment may either equip it with missing details (parts, modules, etc.) or provide other equipment for installation. The owner must inform the DTEL-IX staff member of certain specific design features of the equipment that the DTEL-IX staff member may not be aware of and which may affect the ability to install the equipment at the DTEL-IX premises. Equipment for installation is accepted on the basis of the decision of the authorized employee of DTEL-IX.
  4. All operations for installation of the equipment to the cabinet, its connection to the power supply, installation of interface modules, and switching interfaces are performed by DTEL-IX employees; employees of the equipment owner may be allowed to perform these operations at the discretion of authorized DTEL-IX employee;
  5. When calculating the space required to colocate this equipment, the following conditions shall be taken into account:
    1. By the height is taken into account each complete or incomplete unit occupied by the Member's equipment or means intended for its installation (shelves, stands, etc.);
    2. The place taken by cable organizers or ventilating plugs is not considered;
    3. Separate cabinets for equipment colocation are not provided.
  6. DTEL-IX provides the following parameters for mounting place:
    1. Geometric dimensions: width 19”, depth — 800 mm, the height of one mounting unit — 44.45 mm, mounting height of the cabinet — 48 mounting units;
    2. Two independent 230VAC power supplies, equipped with IEC 60320 C13 connectors;
    3. Maximum allowed amperage per one connector — 5A;
    4. Cooling — by supplying cold air to the volume of the cold corridor in front of the installation cabinet from under the raised floor.
  7. Member's equipment colocated at DTEL-IX's premises have to meet the following technical requirements:
    1. The equipment must be made in a form factor for installation in a standard 19" wide mounting rack;
    2. Installation parameters of the equipment should not exceed those defined in section 6 of the Regulations;
    3. The total rated capacity of all power supplies per unit of equipment shall not exceed 3 kVA, otherwise, the possibility of installation is regulated by paragraph 3;
    4. The equipment cooling system must be designed to take cold air in front of the equipment and blow hot air back (AFO — Air Flow Out);
    5. Passive equipment not intended for mounting to a standard 19” rack (optical multiplexers, dividers, circulators, etc.) must be preliminarily placed in a 19” ODF housing.
    6. The equipment must be in good condition and undamaged.
    7. DTEL-IX has the right to refuse to place equipment that does not meet these requirements.
  8. To install the equipment, the participant must provide:
    1. Mounting kit (rails, guides, brackets, etc.), designed for mounting the same equipment that has to be installed, to the cabinet 19”;
    2. Interface modules;
    3. Copper and optical interface cables, if they are not specified in section 9.
  9. For installation of the DTEL-IX equipment provides:
    1. Power cables IEC 60320 C13-C14;
    2. Patch cords UTP cat. 5e or F/UTP cat. 5e;
    3. SM optical patch cords;
    4. Mounting kits screw/washer/spring nut;
    5. Marking of equipment, cables, modules, etc.
  10. Cross-connects between equipment is performed as follows:
    1. Between the equipment within one cabinet — copper (F/UTP) and optical (SM/ MM) cross-connects.
    2. Between participant equipment and DTEL-IX equipment — optical (SM) cross-connects only.
    3. Between the equipment in different cabinets — only optical (SM) cross-connects through the meet-me-room.