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Per-unit colocation

The best offer for telecom operators who need a PoP on BE MOBILE and in Newtelco. Only DTEL-IX specializes in the per-unit colocation of the network equipment of telecom operators.

BE MOBILE equipment is located in a separate, secure module of the data center with direct access to both meet-me rooms, which provides quick access to other operators as well as customers of the data center.

For direct access to Newtelco, we have built our data center at 50 Simii Prakhovykh Street, which is already used by 60 companies.
Call +380 44 300 22 33 to learn more about DTEL-IX capabilities.

Have your own rack, module, or cage

You can rent a rack or a complete room or even place your own data center full of equipment at the technical site of the data park and use it for any business, including cloud storage, SaaS, IaaS, etc., as well as organize connections with your corporate clients in BE MOBILE or operators.

More information about the data center.


You can use all the possibilities provided by DTEL-IX based on the BE MOBILE data center.


DTEL-IX is an exclusive operator of optical cross-connections in DC BE MOBILE.

The organization of optical cross-connections is conducted through two cross-rooms separated by more than 70 meters, interconnected by cable routes laid along the data center through various independent routes.

DTEL-IX performs turnkey passive optical infrastructure organization.

This is a comprehensive service that includes the installation of optical distribution panels (ODPs), laying and welding of optical cables from switching rooms (cross-rooms) to the customer’s equipment, and so on.


DTEL-IX offers an efficient, fast, and cost-effective way to deploy a node in a BE MOBILE DC using a comprehensive Hack CAPEX service.

It provides the ability to lease a switch and deploy a node in a data center without capital expenses (CAPEX) and without the need to rent a telecommunication cabinet. The result is cost-optimized for the deployment of new nodes.

DTEL-IX provides an opportunity for per-unit colocation in BE MOBILE DC.

You can place your equipment in DC BE MOBILE and entrust us with its installation and any manipulations on your request.


DTEL-IX simplifies documentation management for its customers, as it provides access to an online inventory of cross-connections.

Upon request, you will obtain access to your personal account, which contains a complete list of equipment in all cross-connection rooms and of all interconnections, as well as data about the initiator of cross-connection in real time.

DTEL-IX provides remote assistance and expert support to all of its customers whose equipment is located in the BE MOBILE DC.

Engineers will help you install, configure, or dismantle your equipment and will provide advice during the entire period of cooperation as well.


DTEL-IX organizes hosting for CDN nodes and providers’ servers.

A full package of services is available for placing CDN nodes in Ukraine from colocation in a data center to a “remote assistant” service and consulting.

Telecom Racks

The standard for per unit colocation in our premises

Meet-me-room expansion

Best practices to provide physical cross-connects

CDN-nodes colocation

Professional hosting for CDN-providers

The second meet-me-room

Conteg racks and organisers, horizontal organizers Panduit

Accurate installation

our engineers are famous for keeping racks in a good order

Infocom Manuscan

biometrical protection of the room entrance

The BE MOBILE data park is a reliable platform for hosting both the server equipment of corporate customers and the network equipment of telecom operators, built according to TIER3 standards.

You can place your own data center equipment at the technical site of the data park and use it for any business, including cloud storage, SaaS, IaaS, etc., as well as organize connections with your corporate clients present in BE MOBILE or other operators.

Choose the BE MOBILE data-park for colocation, and the DTEL-IX will take care of communication services and cross-connects.

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