DTEL-IX. Plans for 2017

Our memberlist is growing

The year 2016 is coming to the end. People get ready for holidays and Christmas vacations, but DTEL is working until the last connection order. It is totally amazin how much customers decided to get connected to DTEL-IX or upgrade their connection to the IX. 8 new AS'es and 4 new 10Gbps ports.


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The geographic expansion

We are not trying to name ourselves the best IXP in Kiev, Ukraine or in Europe, but we simply the best IX on our street. 2017 is a best year to expand our business to new streets where we are going to be the best IXP on. We are rolling our POP in Bemobile DC. We thing there will be a year when this POP will switch the same amount of traffic as our POP on Gaidara 50. And the first steps will done already in January.

Where can we meet in 2017?

We make everything possible to ensure you continue to send us connection and upgrade requests. To make our communication a bit easier and more efficient we will visit all important events in Ukraine and abroad, we will also come to your offices and invite you to our one. 

Wishes and advices to our customers

The life us unpredictable, that's why it is always nice to have an extra port to DTEL-IX. And yes, you read it well, it is a clear advice to our customers, it is not a wish to ourselves.

Choose the BE MOBILE data-park for colocation, and the DTEL-IX will take care of communication services and cross-connects.

Contact us

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+38 044 300 2233


BE MOBILE contacts:

Ukraine, Kyiv, Kurenivska street, 21-A


+38 044 494 35 05


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