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DTEL-IX expands international cooperation

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RETN and DTEL-IX have signed an agreement allowing RETN to offer peering services at DTEL-IX over RETN's cross-border network. RETN's worldwide customer base now has the opportunity to improve their connectivity by taking advantage of remote connection to the leading neutral IX platform in Ukraine. The partnership is particularly interesting for providers in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States who wish to interact directly with Ukrainian telecom players while minimising their costs.
DTEL-IX has joined RETN's existing remote peering partners: AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, MSK-IX, Netnod. Increased partnerships with significant International traffic exchange points, allows RETN to strengthen its global presence and expands the scope of RETN Remote IX service.
"Our partnership with DTEL-IX allows our international customers to enjoy all the benefits of peering at a distance in Eastern Europe from any RETN PoP. The service enables RETN's customers to develop their networks through interactions with multiple members of DTEL-IX without having a physical presence at the DTEL-IX platform in Ukraine. Customers also benefit with access to the wide range of RETN services available after connecting to RETN's network, which has extensive coverage in Eastern Europe", said Tony O'Sullivan, Director at RETN Ltd.
"RETN has long been a member of our IX and is well known in Ukraine. We are glad to cooperate with this international provider and we are sure that our partnership will be highly efficient and important for us and all the member of DTEL-IX", - stated Matthias Hartmann, co-founder of NewTelco and DTEL-IX.
About RETN
RETN is an international network service provider, developing its own fiber-optic network of high capacity and offering a variety of telecommunications services to enterprises, carriers, ISPs, CDNs, governmental organizations, hosting and Cloud providers. Since its foundation, RETN has constantly expanded its operating territory. RETN has lit up over 30,000 km of fiber on its cross-border network. RETN's network connects 26 countries across Europe, Asia and North America, while the number of PoPs exceeds 150. RETN's regional offices provide RETN's services in various territories.
DTEL-IX is an independent Ukrainian internet exchange located at NewTelco Kiev data-center.
Started in 2009 with a few connections, DTEL-IX now is a fast-growing internet exchange bringing together more than 100 providers not only from Ukraine, but also from Russia and Europe. At the moment DTEL-IX is exchanging well over 400Gpbs of traffic. DTEL-IX offers following services: public peering with route-servers, private peering between members within general VLAN, private peering between members within separate VLANs, collocation services.
During the years of its workDTEL-IX became a convenient independent Internet exchange point for effective cooperation between different providers. Due to the modern hardware platform used by DTEL-IX, allmembers are able to exchange any kind of traffic, quickly increase connection capacityand make reliable connections between each other. Besides DTEL-IX is developing its partnership program with different providers within Ukraine and aboard.

Contacts RETN:
Daria Soroka
Marketing manager
Tel.: +44 20 7517 6400

RETN in Ukraine
Tel.: +380 44 284 04 48

Contacts DTEL-IX:
Olga Shamshurina
Sales manager
Tel.: +38 044 201 1407

Choose the BE MOBILE data-park for colocation, and the DTEL-IX will take care of communication services and cross-connects.

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