Why to connect?

Increase the security of your network together with DTEL-IX

Many Ukrainian state-owned companies in the qualification requirements for tender participants for the provision of Internet access services clearly indicate that the operator must have an active connection to the DTEL-IX traffic exchange point.

This requirement is quite logical because to DTEL-IX are connected all mobile operators, big and medium ISPs, home networks, and regional operators. So the traffic of all Ukrainian users to information resources of state-owned companies remains local, which is the best solution in terms of security.

DTEL-IX provides the ability of flexible traffic management, which gives the administrators of state-owned companies additional tools for traffic control.

Companies connected to DTEL-IX, get the Membership Certificate, which we update every three years. If the company gets the Certificate it means that the company fulfilled the Technical requirements of connection and у is compliant with principles of secure traffic routing, formalized by the Internet Society in frames of MANRS global initiative. 

Mandatory observance of all MANRS principles by all Members of IX minimizes the number of serious network incidents in the country and significantly increases the stability of the networks.