Why to connect?

Better connectivity - more traffic - higher income

Direct connection to DTEL-IX decreases AS-PATH and latency between your autonomous system and autonomous systems of other Members. It automatically improves the quality of services provided by your company. 

If your company is an ISP for retail customers than you know that most subscribers don't wait for page opening longer than 2 seconds and close browser tab. Among the other, the reason for long page download may be high latency from subscribers to required resources. And it may indicate the poor connectivity of the operator's network. 

The poll of our Members' users shows dependence between high NPS (Net Promoter Score - index, in particular, showing the willingness of the subscriber to recommend his provider to friends) and direct connection to DTEL-IX. Moreover lower NPS have companies who manage their traffic invasively, i.e. change it by applying unreasonable routing policies. Also, lower NPS have operators that don't have enough capacity between their networks and DTEL-IX. Therefore, having a direct connection to DTEL-IX and enough capacity in it, you significantly increase the loyalty of your customers.

Why direct connection is important?

Measurement of Members' traffic after getting connected to DTEL-IX shows 10% traffic growth on the same subscribers base.

Directly connected providers earn more because of increased stability customers access to the Internet. It leads to better subscriber satisfaction rates and gives an opportunity to index the subscription fee with less effort, keeping the operator's income at an acceptable level. Satisfied customers pay better and more consistently, load the call-center less with calls, and, over time, become your "brand advocates".

Providers directly connected to DTEL-IX have an opportunity to take part in major government tenders for the provision of Internet access services, which additionally increase the income and expands the customer's portfolio.