Why to connect?

Improve international connectivity

DTEL-IX is #1 choice of international companies, that are looking for access to the biggest amount of networks in the region within a single connection to Internet Exchange point. Besides that through DTEL-IX is available the full list of Ukrainian networks, international carriers are attracted by IX's stability, principles of infrastructure deployment meticulous adherence to operator neutrality policies that are understandable to foreign Members.

Since 2009 to DTEL-IX have joined 256  of Members, 25% of whom are foreign Members. IX has become the real bridge between East and West in Eurasia, because on the one hand, operators from China, Central Asia, and the Middle East joined, and on the other hand, we see a Members from Poland, the Balkan region, and Central Europe. 

Ignoring the increase of international traffic at the local Internet Exchange point leads to poor connectivity, a decrease of NPS (Net Promoter Score), not optimal traffic routing, and latency increase

Besides the improvement of international connectivity DTEL-IX offers to its Members resources for roaming traffic exchange, access to cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, OVH Cloud.

DTEL-IX is an exclusive partner of the Newtelco Carrier Ethernet Exchange program, Remote Access partner of Balkan IX and NetIX, hosting partner of leading CDN-operators of the region.