Why to connect?

API: Efficiency by means of Automation

In order to increase the efficiency of communication with our Members, DTEL-IX provides access to its data by means of API (Application Programming Interface). For different types of Members are available different types of API.

Examples of API usage:
1. research projects may get the list of Members, autonomous systems, data about connected capacity of each Member, and access to router-servers. DTEL-IX are the only ones who provide данные Looking Glass data in RESTful API form.

2. large content generators may use API to research the distribution of their traffic between autonomous systems of IX Members and for sending private peering invitations.

3. Ukrainian Members which colocated their equipment at BE MOBILE DC have access to the list or all cross-connects, connected to their equipment regardless of cross-connect initiator.

4. All of our Members may receive through API the statistics in the same form as we see it. Also, we are ready to consider the ability to provide extended statistics from our equipment.


API is an internal product on which our services are built and which we decided to make available for Members as handy tool for traffic analysis and effective registration of physical cross-connects.