Prices for private peering in a private VLAN

Private VLAN

One-time payment for configuring two ports:
30 EUR

Private VLAN

Monthly payment:
If you are not a DTEL-IX member but you want to create a PI with someone present in DTEL-IX, you first need to connect to the DTEL-IX network.

Private peering includes a Private Interconnect (PI), which directly connects two DTEL-IX participants through a separate VLAN allocated for this purpose using (802.1) Q-tagging.

PI service description

There are two sides to a PI connection:

  • The initiator makes a request to organize a PI and pays for this service, and all subsequent actions with this connection will be made only on his initiative.
B.Second side

The second side can also be called a participant.

  • The participant must agree (confirm) the PI organization with the initiator.

Both initiator and participant must be connected to DTEL-IX.


  • DTEL-IX does not allocate IP addresses for PI LANs. This is organized by the involved parties.
  •  In case of technical problems, both parties receive the NOC service from DTEL-IX.

If a problem occurs, the following information must be provided to the NOC:

  • Name of both sides
  • PI VLAN identifier


  • See the description of the public peering service.
  • DTEL-IX assigns a private VLAN number.
  • DTEL-IX configures ports for the initiator and the participant accordingly.