25% Eastern European peering market yearly growth. Are you in?

Public peering with route-server
Private peerings between members in public VLAN and in private VLAN, VLANs for multicast
Cross-connects and cable infrastructure in BEMOBILE DC
Co-location services

5 Facts about DTEL-IX:

  • DTEL-IX was founded in 2009 as independent Ukrainian Internet Exchange located at Data Center NewTelco Kiev
  • it is a provider independent IXP in Ukraine with more than 187 members connected
  • the peak traffic exceeds 1.3 Тbps
  • 7 internationalal and 5 national resellers deliver the traffic of members connected remotely
  • customer-friendly 24*7 tech support and qualified tech consultants.

Starting with a few connections with local operators DTEL-IX now is fast-growing Internet exchange connecting more than 125 operators not only from Ukraine but also from Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Netherlands, UK, USA, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary and Germany.


Key benefits of using DTEL-IX services:

  • Your company gets one more reliable and independent connection and traffic exchange point, that allows access to numerous of autonomous systems on shortest path
  • Traffic management is available
  • DTEL-IX is the platform for making effective connections between autonomous systems and companies
  • Arranging private peering with other members reduces costs for IP transit and improve your network connectivity
  • You get traffic from different operators in single port
  • Ports available: 1Gpbs and 10Gpbs, 40 Gbps and 100Gpbs
  • Locations available: NewTelco Kiev, "BE MOBILE" DC, Kiev City Telecenter, Leontovicha 9