Why to connect?

The list of cross-connects at BE MOBILE DC

DTEL-IX is the operator of physical cross-connect Service at BE MOBILE DC. For many years, the main point of cross-connecting in Kyiv has been the Newelco Ukraine DC, which provides excellent, high-quality, and fast service for the interconnecting of optical networks.

We went further! And it already works! DTEL-IX is the only company in Ukraine which in real-time mode provides to its Members and customers the full list of all cross-rooms and the full list of all cross-connects including CIDs, ODF ports on side A and side Z, and also provides the data about cross-connect initiator

Form now on NOCs of operators collocated at BE MOBILE DC don't waste their time for an inventory of ordered cross-connects. They just log into our inventory system and get the required data in 2 clicks. 

But we are ready to take the next step! If your company has a system of passive infrastructure inventory, GIS, project management system, then you may integrate your information systems with our database, because we provide RESTful API for receiving information about cross-connects ordered from DTEL-IX.