Why to connect?

Cut your costs on cross-connects at datacenters

There is an opinion that IXes allows cutting the costs for IP-transit and are competitors for wholesale operators. That is not true actually. Operators and providers get connected to DTEL-IX NOT for cutting costs for IP-transit, but for reducing the expenses for cross-connects in datacenters where their equipment is located. To estimate the amount of savings it's enough to calculate the const of direct physical cross-connects with each peering-partner. 

The expenses for cross-connects are growing even with regular audit and optimization. Your company is not connected to DTEL-IX yet? Then you lose the opportunity to save money on cross-connects especially if you build a lot of low-capacity circuits.

You can save not only money but also time. DTEL-IX has combined almost all operators which you would like to connect with. There is no need to wait for connecting a patchcord when you can just build a virtual cross-connect. 

Our members were faced with situations when providing of cross-connection took almost 2 months. So now they use the service of virtual cross-connection, which DTEL-IX provides within hours after order confirmation by interested parties. 

In order to optimize costs not only for cross-connects but for colocation services as well, our Members use the Virtual PoP Service. With this service, the Member is able to order ports at datacenters of our presence and build virtual cross-connects between the main port and port in other DC.