Why to connect?

Real fault tolerance and stability

Membership in DTEL-IX is not about cutting costs on IP-transit. You can not cut costs on IP-transit! Rather, it doesn't make sense anymore since the cost of traffic purchases in any company doesn't exceed 5-7% of all expenses.

DTEL-IX is about fault tolerance and unique infrastructure:

  • The Network is built on the infrastructure of two leading Ukrainian datacenters - BE MOBILE and Newtelco Ukraine with the ability to connect at each of them;
  • DTEL-IX is the only IX in Ukraine that owns the premises at datacenters where its equipment is located. We don't build core infrastructure in buildings that we don't own;
  • Between the nodes is built our own optical network constructed by separate routes  with no single point of failure;
  • In the current architecture Old Fashion, redundancy is organized on the network core level. Planned migration to the disaggregated core in architecture PortoFlip will allow to increase the fault tolerance of provided services due to the autonomy of each core element without loosing of network functionality;
  • DTEL-IX uses on its network only legally imported equipment with NBD-support. In case of equipment fault, its replacement is already on the stock in Kyiv;
  • Active participation of equipment vendor engineers in the preparation of IX's architectural changes allows the most effective usage of equipment capabilities;
  • All infrastructure works are regulated. The regulations of interaction with customers are published on our site. Member always knows the rules of DTEL-IX work;
  • DTEL-IX has its own team to create optical infrastructure in data centers and beyond.


Fault tolerance is achieved not only through infrastructure solutions but also through tough management approaches:

  • DTEL-IX is a team of professionals but not the one-man show. There is full interchangeability of all key personnel in our company;
  • Duplicated engineering staff doesn't go simultaneously on vacations, business trips. Due to the strict observance of company policies, the situation when all engineers are unavailable is impossible;
  • from the first day of its work, the ERP was introduced in the company. It allows to keep accurate records, automate planning and reporting processes and also support three planning levels: 1. short-term (1 month), 2. mid-term (1 year), 3. long-term (5 years), which allows managing human and financial resources during the performance of technical and commercial projects.

Expensive, fast, high-quality — that's about us. You pay for the stability, fault tolerance, quality, and pedantry. Almost all companies say something similar about themselves, but we can prove what has been said by deeds and facts.