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Private peering


If you are not member of DTEL-IX and you need to create PI (Private Interconnect) with DTEL-IX member you need to get connected to DTEL-IX first.

Prices for Private Peering Services:

Private VLAN Installation Fee

Monthly Fee

Configuration of two ports 30 EUR 0 EUR

Private peering includes Private Interconnect (PI), that allows direct connection between two members of DTEL-IX network by means of VLAN using 802.1) Q-tagging.

PI Service Description

PI connection has two points:
A. Origin point

  • Originator shall place an order for PI. So the Service shall be paid by Originator and all future actions with this connection shall be done only by request from Originator. 

B. Destination point
This point can also be named as Member.

  • Member has to permit (confirm) Private Interconnect with Originator.

Both Originator and Member both shall be connected to DTEL-IX.

 Service Features:

  • See description of Public Peering Service;
  • DTEL-IX assigns Private VLAN number;
  • DTEL-IX configures Originator’s and Member’s ports accordingly.


  • DTEL-IX does NOT provide IP addresses for PI LANs. IP addresses are in scope of member’s responsibilities.
  • In case of any service failures both parties have access to DTEL-IX NOC.

Each Member shall immediately inform DTEL-IX NOC about any detected failure related to Services provided by DTEL-IX.
Fault report shall contain following data:


  • Names of both Parties;

Parties’ responsibilities:


See description of Public Public Peering.

Choose the BE MOBILE data park for safe equipment placement, and the DTEL-IX will take care about of communication.

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