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Кроссировки Леонтовича 7

Metro Meet-me-room «L7». Prices for cross-connections

First 3 years (36 months):

Cross-connects between ODFs:
4,500 UAH

Monthly Fee

Cross-connects between ODFs

540 UAH

ODF placement. Permanent nonpromotional price:

Mounting of 24-fiber ODF

Installation fee:
7,776 UAH

Mounting of 48-fiber ODF

Installation fee:
12,840 UAH

Mounting of 96-fiber ODF

Installation fee:
23,352 UAH

Cable Entry into the Room

Installation fee:

Rules for building cross-connections and installing cables into the Metro Meet-me-room «L7»

  • Cable laying is not charged and is done at the expense of the cable owner and in accordance with current regulations. Works within the Metro Meet-me-room «L7» for ODF welding installation are paid by the cable owner in accordance with DTEL-IX tariffs.
  • Cross-connections inside the Metro Meet-me-room «L7» are done in accordance with the tariffs listed above.
  • When ordering a cross-connection, both parties must confirm it in writing (by e-mail).
  • When ordering a cross-connection, one of the parties must confirm in writing (by e-mail) that it is the payer.

How to enter your cable into the Metro Meet-me-room «L7»

DTEL-IX has built two cable ducts that allow you to run your cable through two independent inputs from different sides of the building at Leontovycha Street 7.

   → Entry 1. The cable is entered from the side of the arch of the building at Leontovycha Street 9.

   → Entry 2. The cable is entered from the side of the arch of the building at Leontovycha Street 5.

Choose the BE MOBILE data-park for colocation, and the DTEL-IX will take care of communication services and cross-connects.

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