DTEL-IX is launching its new POP in BeMobile DC

Published Date

New POP in BeMobile DC

DTEL-IX's customers will get the following benefits:

  • diverse fiber-optic connection between existing nodes of DTEL-IX and new POP in BeMobile
  • direct access to clients in BeMobile and the ability to create logical links over existing IX's network
  • Virtual POP Services and dedicated ports on our equipment to avoid placing your own switches in the DC;
  • possibility to order cross connects between carriers in BeMobile DC having only a contract with DTEL-IX
  • significant savings on rolling up new services in BeMobile, all services are launched after your email request to
  • co-location of any active or passive equipment in the premises under DTEL-IX control
  • interconnection with DTEL-IX's network in new location with access to all peers
  • 1 Route Server will be physically  moved to a new location for redundancy
  • local interconnection  with world's known traffic generators like Google
  • 24/7 monitoring of the network
  • remote hands in BeMobile


As of 20.01.2017 DTEL-IX made possible to connect to its network in the following locations:

  • 50, Gaidara st. (Newtelco)
  • 21а, Kurenivskiy drive (Bemobile)
  • 9 Leontovicha st.
  • 10, Dorogozhitskaya st.

DTEL-IX is an Internet eXchange point in Easter Europe with customers connected from countries all around the region:

  • Ukraine (all major carriers connected)
  • Poland
  • Bulgary
  • The Netherlands
  • Russian Federation
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Georgia
  • Moldova
  • Belarus
  • USA
  • UK
  • Latvia
  • Romania
  • Denmark

Choose the BE MOBILE data-park for colocation, and the DTEL-IX will take care of communication services and cross-connects.

Contact us

DTEL-IX contacts:


+38 044 300 2233


BE MOBILE contacts:

Ukraine, Kyiv, Kurenivska street, 21-A


+38 044 494 35 05


Web site: