Require your provider to connect to DTEL-IX and call the support service IMMEDIATELY!

Is the video loading slowly?

Is online TV not working well?

Demand the best quality of services for your money!
The direct connection of the provider to the Dtel-IX traffic exchange point testifies to the increased fault tolerance and, as a result, the reliability of the Internet connection, high data transfer speed, and highly professional approach of the company to the stability of its network.
Direct connection of the provider with the Dtel-IX traffic exchange point has many advantages for subscribers, including:
High-speed video download. You can enjoy watching videos of high quality, watching live streams and online broadcasts without pauses and numerous errors.
Unlimited use of the network. The provider's subscribers can simultaneously play games online, watch movies, use instant messengers and social networks, or surf the Internet without any restrictions. Regardless of the number of active users, the data transfer rate will remain high and stable.
High-quality television. Users will be able to forget about the fuzzy picture and broadcast failures forever.