О точке

DTEL-IX was founded in 2009 as independent Ukrainian Internet Exchange located at Data Center NewTelco Kiev.

Starting with a few connections with local operators DTEL-IX now is fast-growing Internet exchange connecting more than 70 operators not only from Ukraine but also from Russia and Europe.

Now DTEL-IX is exchanging well over 300Gpbs of traffic.



- provider independent;

- flexible: modern hardware platform allows to exchange any kind of traffic, fast upgrade of customer's capacity, reliable connections between participants;

- customer-friendly: 24/7 tech support, qualified tech consultants, cost effective prices.


DTEL-IX services:

- public peering with route-server;

- private peerings between members in public VLAN;

- private peerings between members in isolated VLAN;

- colocation services.


Key benefits of using DTEL-IX services:

-          Your company gets one more reliable and independent connection and traffic exchange point, that allows access to numerous of autonomous systems on shortest path;

-          Traffic management is available;

-          DTEL-IX is the platform for making effective connections between autonomous systems and companies

-          Arranging private peering with other members reduces costs for IP transit and improve your network connectivity;

-          You get traffic from different operators in single port.


Ports available: 1Gpbs and 10Gpbs, 100Gpbs coming soon.


Locations available: NewTelco Kiev, Kiev City Telecenter, Leontovicha 9.